February 2016

Hosted QuickBooks

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What is Hosted QuickBooks? Surely, you’ve heard of QuickBooks. Many small business owners use this popular accounting software to process payments, pay bills and even help with payroll functions. Recent statistics show that QuickBooks, developed

April 2015

Substantial Network Solutions Outage

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Network Solutions has experienced a significant outage today impacting web hosting and Virtual Server functions. The outage lasted just over two hours and has just recently been resolved. Network Solutions has not provided an engineering

May 2014

Microsoft Issues fix for Security Flaw in Internet Explorer

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Microsoft has released security update number 2963983 to address a vulnerability in the Internet Explorer versions 6 through 11 that could allow remote code execution. In an unexpected move, they have also released a patch

March 2014

Are you still using Public Email Systems for your business?

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When you consider the image of your business, have you taken into consideration your email footprint? Are you using Gmail, Hotmail or AOL for your professional email? What does that say for your business? A

Windows XP Sails into the sunset

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Please visit our webcast about Windows XP sunset.  What to know and when it is happening. Click link for the webcast. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkUbmp4KvDs

December 2013

New Jersey & Phildelphia Metro Expansion

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Take 2 Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce the re-expansion of our services to the New Jersey & Philadelphia metro business markets. T2T's President and chief technology officer Ed Kwoka, has 17 years of technology services